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Metro Admits Liability for June 22, 2009 Wreck

I’m glad to see that after over 2 1/2 years Metro has finally done the right thing and admitted liability for the June 22, 2009 wreck — even if it was for legal expediency. It is unclear to me why … Continue reading

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Cembre Connectors, Part 2

Back in January, I posted about the Cembre connectors Metro has been using for the past few years. A member of Metro management (who I knew casually the entire 27 years I was at Metro) recently discovered that post and … Continue reading

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Metro Medical

About a year ago, a few months before I retired, I had surgery that prevented me from working for several weeks.  I was told (for the first time in 27 years) that I would have to report to Metro Medical … Continue reading

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Emergency Response Training

About two (2) years ago I received the following email from a coworker: “Today we attended an Emergency Response Training class at Metro. We learned many things. For example, abortion rights groups are domestic terrorists. Malcontents who don’t like the … Continue reading

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Lack of Quick Access to Parts Causes Unneccessary Delays

One problem that never seemed to get resolved was the proper distribution and storage of parts.  For example, one relatively common failure that would cause delays was a bad impedance bond, or ‘bond’.  Every rail yard has a storeroom.  The … Continue reading

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Here a derailment, there a derailment…

There are derailments at Metro on a regular basis, they just aren’t reported in the media. They can get away with it because there’s no oversight and because there typically aren’t any passengers on board. Most of these derailments happen … Continue reading

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Double Derailment at Bethesda was Completely Avoidable

Almost exactly two years ago, on March 27, 2009, at approximately 4:30 pm a train derailed on the inbound track (track #1) between Bethesda (A09) and Friendship Heights (A08).  In response, Metro dispatched a “rescue train” (train #204) from Shady … Continue reading

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