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Recent derailment reminiscent of Bethesda double derailment several years ago

The most recent derailment reminds me of the double derailment at Bethesda several years ago. The hardware that secures the rail in that area is Pandrol clips. ( According to my coworkers, they found that approximately 20 feet of rail had … Continue reading

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Excessive Overtime Causes Fatigue

I’ve written about the very serious problems caused by employees working too much overtime (OT) several times before — here, here, here, and most recently here. In the news lately is a story that suggests the Tri-State Oversight Committee (TOC) … Continue reading

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The true cost of commuting

There is a positive story over on Unsuckdcmetro written by a guy named Chad who got so fed up with Metro that he decided to begin biking to work.  He ended up losing 50 lbs and just completed an IronMan … Continue reading

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Labor Day

The following was written by Rod Sullivan, a Johnson County, Iowa, commissioner.  I am posting it here with his permission: ##### *Happy Labor Day! Happy Labor Day next Monday! I love Labor Day. Every Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day we … Continue reading

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Shoe Mobile!

Metro did occasionally do some nice things for employees, without being forced to. One was the “Shoe Mobile”.  For about 3 years, Metro provided $100 vouchers for employees to purchase work shoes or boots.  The first year there was just … Continue reading

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Metro Wildlife II

Many of the train yards at Metro are home to quite a bit of wildlife.  Below are  a few photos.  Most were taken at Shady Grove (A99): This is a photo of an 8 point buck taken at the north … Continue reading

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Learned Helplessness

I’ve recently discovered that there is another term for what I refer to as the ‘Metro Attitude’ — “Learned Helplessness” (LH). Who knew? There has been scientific research done on LH. In a nutshell it shows that most peoples’ spirit … Continue reading

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