Metro Wildlife II

Many of the train yards at Metro are home to quite a bit of wildlife.  Below are  a few photos.  Most were taken at Shady Grove (A99):

This is a photo of an 8 point buck taken at the north end of Shady Grove Yard (A99).  I have one of his antlers which I found on top of the hill.

Also taken at A99.

The racoons were pretty bold.  This one is outside the Admin Building at A99.

These deer are in a drainage pond area at Glenmont Yard (B98).

One of many yard cats at A99.

Kittens at A99.  They hid in stacks of rail.

There were often lots of geese at A99.

The above is just a small sample.  More to follow.




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4 Responses to Metro Wildlife II

  1. beema says:

    Perhaps you should call someone to rescue those kittens?
    Also, kind of a bad idea to approach raccoons during the day?
    Nice pictures tho

    • Hi Beema,

      I appreciate your concern for the kittens. The Montgomery County Animal Shelter would take them but because they are feral they would likely be euthanized unless they could be captured at a young enough age (no older than 10 weeks IIRC) to be tamed. Even then, there’s no guarantee they wouldn’t be killed. One of my coworkers did adopt one young enough that he made a great pet. The cats at Shady Grove were well-fed while I worked there.

      Good point about the raccoon. I’ve spent a lot of time around animals, and we actually had a raccoon as a pet when I was younger, but wild animals are unpredictable, don’t try this at home, etc. I was using a zoom lens so the photo makes it appear as though the raccoon was closer than it actually was. It was acting “normal” (not rabid) so I felt comfortable in getting close enough to take the shot.

      Same with the snakes BTW. We had a 10+ foot long boa constrictor as a pet for decades, so I may not be as cautious as I should be.

      The geese are another story. We had geese also, but those things are _mean_! Especially when they are protecting their eggs — they will do a kamikaze dive straight at your head!

  2. gippgig says:

    Does the third rail kill a lot of animals?

    • Luckily, it does not.

      For the same reason birds can perch on high voltage wires, animals can jump up onto the third rail and not be electrocuted.

      In order for electricity to flow in these cases there must be a conductive path to ground or the running rail. I’ve seen cats walk under the third rail at Shady Grove and brush against it without getting so much as a tingle (apparently anyway, because they did not twitch or jump).

      Luckily for most animals, their fur is not a good conductor. In addition, if the ties and ballast (gravel) or concrete are dry they don’t conduct very well.

      There have been cases where employees have come in contact with the third rail and lived.

      Unfortunately, the trains do hit animals occasionally, mostly opossums, racoons, fox, and ground hogs.

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