Metro Medical

About a year ago, a few months before I retired, I had surgery that prevented me from working for several weeks.  I was told (for the first time in 27 years) that I would have to report to Metro Medical and get cleared before I could return to duty.

I gathered up all of the necessary forms and took the train from Shady Grove (A15) downtown.  When I got to the medical office (which was hard to find because it is not clearly marked) I was told that the form my doctor’s office had filled out was unacceptable because they had used some White Out in one section — even though it was clearly the same handwriting.  I made several phone calls and finally  someone in my doctor’s office just filled out a new blank form and faxed it to Metro Medical.  Of course, someone there at the medical office could have just spoken with the staff at the surgeon’s office to confirm that the original I submitted was legit but they refused.  It really seemed as though they were being intentionally difficult.

Finally, I was able to see the Metro doctor.   All he said to me was, “Show me the scar.”  That’s it.  At no point did anyone take my blood pressure, pulse,  or temperature.  I was never given a physical exam.  In fact, the doctor never touched me — he stayed at least 6 feet away from me for the entire 5 minutes we were in the “examination room” together.  IOW, the sole reason for the existence of Metro Medical seems to be to attempt to make sure that employees aren’t trying to pull one over on Metro.  Never mind that employees only have a certain number of sick days, so at some point they’ll run out anyway.

I could understand if Metro were trying to limit their liability — to confirm that employees are indeed fit for duty before allowing them to work — but that is obviously not the case.

I wonder how much that doctor earns?  How much it costs to run that sham of an office?

Your (our) tax dollars at work.

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