Gate Left Open

During the D.C. Sniper attacks in 2002, there was a safety/emergency response drill at the Glenmont Train Yard (B98).  There was a lot of emergency equipment there, along with fire dept personnel, Montgomery County police, Transit Police (TPAS), and EMTs.  The simulated train wreck was in the tunnel (well, actually covered tracks at that point) between the train yard and the Glenmont station (B11).  To access this area they used the closest gate which is on the east side of Georgia Avenue (Route 97).

Below is the best photo I could find of that area.  It was taken facing east, with the gate a few feet behind.  The wall to the left is part of the enclosure for the tracks.  The service road continues around to the Layhill Road entrance:

Because many of the shootings were relatively close to B98, we had been told to pay particular attention to the fences, gates, and doors.

My coworkers and I watched part of the drill and then left for the night when our shift was over.

When I got to work the next day, I found the gate wide open!  Anyone could just drive right on in from Georgia Ave. because there is no guard shack at that gate.  In addition, the doors they had used to access the tracks were left unlocked.  These were some of the same doors I referred to in this post.

I reported this but I’m almost certain nothing was ever done.

The overall impression I got during the 27 years I spent at Metro was that very few people cared what happened there, and those that did care, those that tried to make things better, were punished and/or harassed.

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