Emergency Response Training

About two (2) years ago I received the following email from a coworker:

“Today we attended an Emergency Response Training class at Metro. We learned many things.

For example, abortion rights groups are domestic terrorists.
Malcontents who don’t like the way things are going in the world and who drive old cars with bumper stickers are also likely to be terrorists.
When the instructor asked us to name an example of state-sponsored terrorism, some long-haired radical replied, “The CIA.”
We also learned that aspiring Hollywood directors who make training films can become overzealous. For example, the director may have an actor wearing a Metro uniform yell “BOMB!” on the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station platform crowded with actual passengers who haven’t been told what’s going on. This gives the film a very realistic sense of panic.
Have I forgotten anything?”
No, that about covered it.
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