Parking III

Parking dust-ups are not limited to the public areas of the system.

In a previous post I wrote about some of the parking related issues in the Shady Grove train yard (A99).  There were other incidents in addition to that drawn out saga.  At one point, one of the “Interlocking Operators” in the control tower decided that he was sufficiently important to warrant not one, but _two_ (2) personal parking spaces directly below the tower:

Ordinarily a request like this would be laughed off or ignored but as with many workplaces, at Metro a lot depends upon who you know.  Interlocking operators are represented by Local 689, they are the equivalent of an “A” mechanic or technician.  They are not management, but this individual happened to have an old friend who he started in the bus division with back in the day who was in middle management.  She had enough pull to get two custom signs made and mounted on the brick wall below the tower.  Needless to say, this created some resentment.  One of the signs was ‘modified’ by a coworker:

In addition to these signs, there were others posted all over the yard, like this one:

In one lot, the one where “Big Dan” parked, every single parking spot was (and probably still is) reserved.  Some actually have an individual’s name on the sign.  Management prerogative I suppose, but what that meant was those spots could not be used for the approximately 120 hours every week that the VIPs were not there.  The entire lot was often empty during the evening and midnight shifts .  Meanwhile, people were trying to find parking anywhere they could — that often meant parking along service  roads making them essentially one lane.  This was probably a fire code violation but hey —  certain concessions must be made for extremely important safety officers and other management personnel.

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