Demolition Derby

The most recent accident at Metro that resulted in employees being killed was January 26, 2010. Two ATC technicians, Jeff Garrard and Sung Oh, were struck and killed by a high-rail vehicle between Rockville and Shady Grove.

Of course all of the usual rhetoric and platitudes about improving safety were issued by the masters of bs at the Jackson Graham Building (JGB).


“Top to bottom review of safety procedures…”

“System-wide safety ‘stand down’…”

“A renewed emphasis on safety…”.

Harumph, harumph…

Just four (4) days later, a track dept ‘prime mover’ slammed into a high-rail truck inside the tunnel between Grosvenor (A11) and Medical Center (A10). Luckily there were no injuries.

In addition, the Tri-State Oversight Committee (TOC) was not notified. In fact, according to the Washington Post, the way the TOC found out about it was through rumors. TOC officials had to call Metro and ask if there was indeed an accident – that was two days later.

We didn’t find out until it made the news, which was typical.

Below are a few photos of two of the high-rail trucks that were involved:

You’d think that within days of killing two more employees Metro would want to at least pretend to be concerned enough that they would follow the rules with regard to notifying the TOC.

Were there any consequences or repercussions? I think you know the answer.

The ‘Evil Empire’ just keeps rollin’ on…

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