Platform Tiles

One of the many design flaws that Metro has is the fact that a portion of most above ground platforms is exposed. The canopy generally does not cover the entire platform.

This creates an extremely hazardous situation when it rains and particularly when there is snow or ice. It is very easy to slip and fall, even with lug soled work boots. Frankly, I’m surprised there aren’t more ‘slip & fall’ lawsuits.

In addition to the hazards, the lack of protection causes a maintenance nightmare. Snow must be removed ASAP. Ice melting chemicals must be applied. Water gets under the tiles and freezes and thaws, breaking them and creating a tripping hazard. The ‘bumpy’ tiles are meant to warn passengers with poor eyesight that they are near the platform edge. Instead, they may trip over them and fall onto the tracks.

In this photo, you can see that the tiles have been broken so long that small plants are beginning to grow:

I suppose this is job security for the masons who are replacing the tiles but it was certainly penny wise and pound foolish on the part of the designers.

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