Come on down!

I apologize for the dark photo. I had meant to get a photo of this during the day but that never happened. The lights to the left are on the platform and the red light is on the rear of the train that’s at the platform. This photo shows a gate that leads from the area near the bus loop at Shady Grove to a supposedly secure area behind (north of) the platform and into the train yard. It was left open for weeks after some track work was done. It is just a few feet from the “Osama Gate” that is the subject of another post. Metro spent millions of dollars of Homeland Security money on perimeter alarms, cameras, secure turnstiles like the Osama Gate, extra fencing, etc, and then left a gate open for weeks. Hundreds of Metro employees and management personnel walk past this gate every day, including Safety Dept. personnel, Transit Police, middle management, supervisors, etc. [Note — this has since been corrected. I would not publicize it if it were still open].

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