On the roof of the building you can see two of those large generators with flood lights that are frequently used for road construction projects at night. They were lifted up there with a crane and used to light an area of Shady Grove Yard (A99) where track work was being done. When the work was complete, the contractors took their cranes and went home — leaving the lights on the roof. They were there for several months. Mistakes like this are common at projects that involve multiple crews working overtime (OT) over several days. Many of the employees and supervisors are unfamiliar with the territory. There is little or no communication between shifts. There are typically no plans or blue prints. Tools and materials needed for the job are often not available. People are tired because many of them are working 16 hours straight. One of my coworkers in ATC was seriously electrocuted during this job because another ATC tech (who was a walking zombie due to working OT) replaced a fuse which energized an electrical cabinet with 750 volts from the Third Rail. He was taken to Shady Grove Hospital and fully recovered, but he could have easily been killed instantly. Others haven’t been so lucky.

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