Silver Spring Flood

This photo was taken in the Silver Spring (B08) train control room (TCR) after the flood that wiped out a good portion of the equipment in that room. B08 was shut down for several days while all of the water damaged equipment was replaced at a cost of millions of dollars. This inconvenienced tens of thousands of passengers. What the mainstream media did not report was that it was all preventable. ATC management had been warned numerous times over the years that during heavy rain storms water was coming into the room. The only “protection” was a little pump about the size of a fish tank pump that was set in one of those yellow mop buckets and connected to a garden hose. It was pretty pathetic. Anyway, all of the warnings were repeatedly ignored and we all know the result. Was anyone fired? Did anyone get demoted? Reprimanded? Hell no! This is Metro. There are no consequences. Mistakes were made…”we’re sorry for the inconvenience”…

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