Huge Pile o’ Grease

It’s hard to know where to start the Hall of Shame. Here’s one:

Rail greaser failure

Metro isn't exactly green

The radius of the turn at the north end of Shady Grove Yard is too tight for the trains to negotiate without wearing out the inside edge of the running rails. This necessitated the installation of a “guard rail” (at left). Of course, then the wheels began to wear on the guard rail, so automatic greasers were installed. Unfortunately, these greasers fail quite often and either do not dispense any grease at all or go wild and pump out way too much, as is the case here. This huge pile of grease will contaminate the ground water, but Metro doesn’t care because they are not required to comply with EPA regs, and even if they were there are no consequences for violating them. It’s good to be king!

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